Importing/Exporting subscriptions and settings

If you are getting a new Mac and you don't plan to restore a Time Machine backup, you may still want to export your current TVShows subscriptions so you don't have to add them one by one in the new Mac...

While TVShows doesn't offer an import/export feature (yet), you can easily get your subscriptions and settings ready to go to your new Mac in a few minutes. Just backup these files and folders:

  • Subscriptions are stored in "~/Library/Application Support/TVShows 2": you can backup all the TVShows 2 folder if you want, but the important file is Subscriptions (the Cache folder stores the shows images and the Preset Shows file is the preset show list which is refreshed every week).
  • Settings are stored in "~/Library/System Preferences/com.victorpimentel.TVShows2.plist".

And then in the new Mac, after installing TVShows, replace the files/folders it created with the ones you backed up in your old Mac, and all done!

Keep in mind that beginning with Lion, the Library folder is by default hidden in Mac OS X, so if you don't see it, just click Go -> Go to Folder in Finder and paste the path to the file you want to go to.