How to properly configure Transmission

Transmission, our choice for downloading torrents, needs some configuring in order to achieve a truly automatic experience.

In the TVShows preferences, you should keep selected the Automatically open each file after download, to ensure that the app sends the .torrent files to Transmission right when they are downloaded. If you want to organize your downloaded episodes in folders, you can optionally select the Save each show in its own folder and the Create session subfolders options.


This is the preference pane you should tweak in Transmission. Let's go preference by preference:

  • Default location. You can either choose a predefined folder or keep the Same as torrent file option to let TVShows handle the location of the downloaded torrents. This last option is compulsory if you checked the Save each show in its own folder, but it should NOT be checked if you need to use the magnets option. From this it is easy to see that the Save each show... and the magnets options are incompatible.

  • Keep incomplete files in. You can keep your video folder clean if you select another folder for storing the incomplete downloads. When the download finishes, the video files will be moved to the right folder.

  • Start transfers when added. Select it, otherwise the torrent will not start, it will be paused when TVShows add it.

  • Trash original torrent files. Your call, but we recommend it that you select it to keep your download folder a bit cleaner.

  • Append .part to incomplete files. Probably a good idea to select it, to quickly know if the download has been completed or not.

  • Display a window when opening a torrent file. Do not select them, otherwise an annoying window will open every time an episode is downloaded, and it will require your attention to start downloading it. If you keep seeing this window, please read this.

  • Watch for torrent files in. Do not select it for TVShows, it is not needed. TVShows already sends the torrent to Transmission when they are downloaded.

Of course these options apply to the most normal configuration. If you know what you are doing and you have different needs, you can change those options and TVShows will act as you wish.