Future major version (3.0)

For the next major version, the app will be a standalone app again. That means that it will not be a preference pane. This is needed for technical limitations, to ease the development and to evolve the application.

In this major version there are several things that will be added:

  • A calendar view, with a list of your next aired episodes.
  • Ability to download a show dubbed to several languages apart from English (Spanish, French, etc).
  • Post-processing options, to automatically manipulate the downloaded episodes. This includes:
    • Auto-uncompressing rars.
    • Better organization in folders with custom names.
    • Subtitle downloading that matches the file.
    • Easy auto-conversion to Apple formats (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc).
    • Adding metadata to the episode.
    • Adding the episodes to iTunes, XBMC, PLEX.
    • Notifying several social sites.
    • Running a custom script.
    • Removing downloaded episodes older than a week, a month, etc.

These things will not (cannot) be added until this major version.