Adding a custom show with Yahoo! Pipes

If you want to subscribe to a show that isn't in TVShows preset list, you can create a feed with Yahoo! Pipes, provided the show is uploaded to The Pirate Bay.

First, you need to find out which user is uploading the episodes to The Pirate Bay, by searching the show title there. It's important to select a user that uploads the episodes regularly in the quality you want them (SD or HD) and one by one (not complete seasons), and if there are more than one fulfilling this conditions, select the one with more peers.

Then, you will need to access our Yahoo! Pipe for custom shows and input the show name in the "Search torrents containing" field and the username in the "TPB User" field. Those fields are not case sensitive, but please note the following restraints:

  • The title field has to be the exact title that the show has in The Pirate Bay (so no apostrophes and things like that).
  • The torrent file names must start with that name (to avoid matching desperate housewives for house).
  • The title is considered to be everything between the start of the name and the number of the episode, anything after the number of the episode is ignored.
  • A small number (four or five) of non-matching characters are allowed between or at the end of the title. This is to avoid problems with things like US or 2012.
  • The name of the uploader must match exactly. However, there are some characters that are not allowed (like { or }), you need to replace them by dots.
  • Torrents must follow some kind of naming convention (SXXEXX, SSxEE...). Anime is not usually suitable for TVShows because of that. Another example of show not compatible with TVShows is Adventure Time, because each episode has an "a" part and a "b" part.

Then click on Run Pipe, check that the results are correct and copy the link from "Get as RSS".

Back in TVShows, click on "Add Custom RSS" and a new form will appear. Paste the URL you just copied into the "Feed URLs" field. Then fill in the show title and add the TheTVDB ID for that show (you can get that by searching the show in TheTVDB, the ID appears in the search results list, and also in the show URL). You don't need to add custom filters if you've created the feed with Yahoo! Pipes.

Finally, check the HD option only if you selected an uploader that publishes HD episodes (if not, leave it unchecked) and click on Subscribe. The show will be added to your subscriptions just like any other preset show, only displaying a gear icon over the show cover so you know this is a custom show.

More information on our blog post (also available in Spanish).