Requesting new shows

Before requesting to add a new show to the show list, please consider this:

  • We do not add ended shows to the show list. Only running shows, so be sure that the show is still airing. Also, we do not add miniseries.
  • For now, we are only adding shows in English. If you want to add shows in other language refer to custom rss.
  • We use The Pirate Bay to find new episodes. Please check that the show is released regularly there.
  • The show should be in TheTVDB. They have all shows, but some may not have covers. Please send me a link to TheTVDB for that show, that way it can be added much faster.

After that, you can request a new TV show by opening a ticket, specifying the show title and its TheTVDB link. It also helps if you provide the TPB search link.

Please keep in mind that shows are added manually, so it may take a while if we're busy. In the meantime, you can add the show as a custom RSS, as explained in this article